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The Value of Open Public Records
Records and Repositories
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MGC's NERGC Panel on Open Records: Citizens Can Make a Difference
General Legislation
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How many deaths before the SSDI gets updated again?
Legislation Federal
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Welcome to the MGC Website!

Massachusetts records have been open and unrestricted for 365 years.

The 1641 Massachusetts Body of Liberties states:

Every inhabitant of the Countrie shall have free libertie to search a veewe any Rooles, Records, or Regesters of any Court or office except the Councell, And to have a transcript or exemplification thereof written examined, and signed by the hand of the officer of the office paying the appointed feees therfore.

Help us to to keep records open by supporting the work of MGC.

The Massachusetts Genealogical Council's (MGC) stated purposes are:

  • to act as advocates in monitoring legislative and administrative activities of governmental agencies which affect genealogists;
  • to sponsor and present legislation and programs designed to expand the resources and accessibility of services;
  • to develop and promote the growth, education and exchange of ideas among persons and organizations interested in the pursuit of genealogy; and to provide other activities to advance genealogy.

Click here to read the Open Public Records Brochure from the Records Preservation and Access Committee, a joint project of the National Genealogy Society and Federation of Genealogical Societies.

Click here to read the Case for Open Public Records, a position paper from the Association of Professional Genealogists.