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The Value of Open Public Records
Records and Repositories
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MGC's NERGC Panel on Open Records: Citizens Can Make a Difference
General Legislation
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How many deaths before the SSDI gets updated again?
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after website update in 2016.)
MGC has been recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). Gifts of support are fully tax-deductible and donors will receive a written acknowledgement for tax purposes.

About MGC

Volunteers Wanted

Sharon and Mary Ellen

We always need people to help with publicizing our activities, learning more about bills in the Massachusetts and US Legislatures, and working on our annual seminar. Don't underestimate your skills! If you can walk and lift a box, or write an article, or Tweet about us, you're in! We need computer savvy people, writers, legislative advocates, coordinators, communicators--just tell us your skills and we'll fit you in.

Each director can appoint a committee, so you do not need to be in charge, you can join us at board meetings, learn what we're all about, and jump in when you feel ready. 

Delegates from Member Organizations: A great way to get acquainted with MGC is to represent your genealogical society as a delegate to MGC. You can attend board meetings and carry back news of our activities to your society. We are always interested to hear about happenings with our member societies as well!

You can see a list of our current Board of Directors here. Our board is elected for a two-year term. Officers may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Directors' terms are not limited. Here are the duties of each board member as set out in our current by-laws.

Pictured here are Vice President Sharon Sargeant and President Mary Ellen Grogan. 


President: a. Preside at all Executive Board and Council meetings. b. Appoint chairpersons of special committees. c. Sign all contracts and documents authorized by the Executive Board. d. Be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee. e. File a written report at the Annual Meeting and Seminar reflecting the activities and progress of the Council. f. Work to promote the interests and welfare of the Council. See? Piece of cake!

 Vice President: a. In the absence or inability of the President, assume the responsibility of the office. b. Seek out new members. c. Invite organizations to join the Council in conjunction with the Publicity Director. d. Assist in any other duties.

Recording Secretary: a. Keep accurate minutes of all Executive Board and Council meetings. b. Provide the Executive Board with a copy of said minutes, with a call to the meeting, no later than two (2) weeks before the following Executive Board or Council meeting. c. Notify all members by first class or electronic mail concerning the Council’s Annual Meeting and Seminar, and any proposed nominations or proposed amendments to the by-laws to be presented, at least two (2) weeks before such meeting. d. Keep and have available for reference at all meetings, one (1) book in which there are copies of the Council’s by-laws, standing rules, and legal documents. e. Conduct and maintain a file of the correspondence of the Council and assist in any meetings as requested by officers and directors. f. Be responsible for the collection of and proper distribution of the Council’s mail. g. Notify the Executive Board and/or Council members by first class or electronic mail of any special meeting at least two (2) weeks before such meeting. h. In the absence of the President and Vice President, call the meeting to order and preside until a President pro tempore has been elected. i. Sign, with the President, all contracts and documents authorized by the Executive Board. 

Treasurer: a. Keep accurate accounts of all monies due, received, and expended. b. Be responsible for notification of and collection of all dues. c. Keep an up-to-date membership list and distribute it to the Executive Board. d. Have accounts available for inspection at all times. e. Receive prior approval from the President for all expenditures between one hundred and five hundred dollars and from the Executive Board for all expenditures exceeding five hundred dollars. f. Submit a financial report at each Executive Board meeting. g. Submit to the Executive Board a budget for each fiscal year as close as practicable to the end of the prior fiscal year. h. File a written financial statement at the Annual Meeting and Seminar. i. Make financial records available for annual audit by March 1st.

Standing Committees

Program Director: Be responsible for arrangements for the Annual Meeting and Seminar and all other educational programs, including securing the venue, contracting with speakers, promoting the event, coordinating registration, arranging signage, and gathering speaker evaluations.

Publicity Director: a. Publicize the Annual Meeting and Seminar and all other educational events. b. Oversee marketing activities of the Council, including ensuring a consistent look in all media formats. c. Promote the mission and activities of the Council. d. Produce and distribute publicity materials such as advertisements, banners and brochures. e. Support the Civil Records Director, President, and Vice President in publicizing legislative activities.

 Civil Records Director: a. Act as representative to present legislation and recommend adoption of policies in the interest of genealogists at legislative and administrative hearings, special meetings, seminars and such other assemblies. b. Appoint a member of the Civil Records Committee to the Special Vital Records and Statistics Committee established by Chapter 46 of the Mass. General Laws (M.G.L.) (when so established). c. Act on behalf of the Council when immediate decisions or other actions must be taken at such hearings, meetings, seminars, and assemblies. d. File a written report of actions taken at such hearings, meetings, seminars, and assemblies and the corresponding results. e. Keep abreast of national, state and local proceedings governing the concerns of genealogists, including coordination with the Records Preservation and Access Committee (RPAC) to garner national support for Massachusetts issues. f. Notify membership periodically of the status of proposed or pending legislation. g. Notify membership as necessary to initiate Calls-to-Action.

Newsletter Director: a. Collect and receive materials to be considered for publications. b. Produce and distribute a periodic newsletter, in either paper or electronic form, reflecting legislative activities pending and resolved, programs, news and activities of other genealogists and organizations, and any other item of genealogical and educational interest. c. Publish in either paper or electronic form any items specifically requested by the Executive Board.

Archives Director: a. Be responsible for custody and preservation of the Council’s records except those that are the responsibility of other officers or directors. b. Maintain a current inventory of all legal documents, records, and property belonging to the Council.

Ways & Means: a. Devise and implement ways and means to raise funds to support the Council and its programs. b. Produce educational materials.

Send us an email if you are interested!